One of the first projects suggested at the ECAI was a National Survey of Ecommerce. Through the initial research stage and the piloted version of our National Survey we've had great support from ECAI partners and members. We are now at the launch stage, opening the survey to the entire community. We're very cognizant of how busy our community is and so the balance of usefulness versus effort has been at the fore of developing this survey. There are 26 questions in total and it takes about 10 minutes on average.

To help us represent the widest demographic of Irish ecommerce as possible, we would like you to complete it and share it with other ecommerce professionals you feel it's appropriate for.

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One of the major projects that piqued the interest of our membership and board is a National Ecommerce Survey for the Irish ecommerce community. We have been working hard in association with the National University of Ireland Galway to generate a comprehensive survey instrument for collection of this data. Currently we are pilot testing the survey, and here is the story so far.

Why have a National Ecommerce Survey?

The ability to benchmark and set appropriate goals for ourselves is of paramount importance for the success of the Irish ecommerce sector. Knowing where we stand nationally also allows us to compare and contrast the ebbs and flows of Irish ecommerce with those of other jurisdictions. To this end we have prepared a national annual survey of ecommerce companies in Ireland in order to maintain a database of metrics relevant to the Irish ecommerce landscape. Currently we are piloting the survey with a small sample to get fedback, reduce any confusion and ensure quality. 

The 2017 ECAI National Survey focusses on four areas:

  1. Demographics of respondent companies
  2. Financials & Analytics
  3. Delivery & Payments
  4. Marketing

At the ECAI March 2017 Post-peak planning event we ran a series of expert-led roundtables where attendees could discuss issues and opportunities with consultants in Law, Logistics, User Experience, Payments, Marketing, Platforms, exporting, and Operations. In this article, Dr. Ultan Sharkey, Online Shopping Expert and Co-founder of the ECAI talks about the topics that were popular at the User Experience table.

The role of the E-Commerce Manager varies from organisation to organisation. In this post, we will try to take a look at 5 habits which can help you to be a better E-Commerce Manager, enabling you to grow your online revenue.

This event doubles as both the launch of the Ecommerce Association of Ireland (ECAI) and an information evening on the potential implications of Brexit on Ecommerce in Europe.