One of the major projects that piqued the interest of our membership and board is a National Ecommerce Survey for the Irish ecommerce community. We have been working hard in association with the National University of Ireland Galway to generate a comprehensive survey instrument for collection of this data. Currently we are pilot testing the survey, and here is the story so far.

Why have a National Ecommerce Survey?

The ability to benchmark and set appropriate goals for ourselves is of paramount importance for the success of the Irish ecommerce sector. Knowing where we stand nationally also allows us to compare and contrast the ebbs and flows of Irish ecommerce with those of other jurisdictions. To this end we have prepared a national annual survey of ecommerce companies in Ireland in order to maintain a database of metrics relevant to the Irish ecommerce landscape. Currently we are piloting the survey with a small sample to get fedback, reduce any confusion and ensure quality. 

The 2017 ECAI National Survey focusses on four areas:

  1. Demographics of respondent companies
  2. Financials & Analytics
  3. Delivery & Payments
  4. Marketing

What's been done before?

There have been some previous ecommerce surveys of this nature in Ireland and it would be remiss not to acknowledge those and build on their achievements. In 2011, StudioForty6, a Cork based web-development agency ran an ecommerce survey assessing ecommerce trends for the year 2010. Though the response rate was small, the results are well put together and useful. This is likely to have been the first national survey of ecommerce businesses in Ireland (StudioForty6, 2011). In 2014, Wolfgang Digital, a Dublin-based marketing agency measured growth in the online shopping sector by comparing e-ecommerce data from three quarters: Q2 2014 to Q2 in 2013, and Q2 2014 to Q1 2014. Their approach focused on obtaining data from a series of larger players in the market representing about 2% of the market by turnover (Wolfgang Digital, 2014;Wolfgang Digital, 2015). This survey has evolved into a valuable annual KPI report from Wolfgang Digital which was published in 2016 and again in 2017 and is of particular interest to online retailers.

Piloting the survey

Part of our approach has been to review the data collected in these studies alongside reports from other EU member countries via our parent organisation EMOTA in generating a questionnaire suitable as an annual survey of the modern Irish ecommerce market. In this pilot, we are seeking to increase the quality of the questions by testing them with a samll sample, before we officailly launch the national survey. All organisations that participate in the survey will be entitled to the major reports produced from it.  

Get informed & involved!

To keep abreast of developments and to participate in the survey when it launches, be sure to join our mailing list, join the group on LinkedIn, and chat with us on Twitter or Facebook. You can also email us through out contact form.