Trader Membership

Trader Membership is for..

- any individual or company selling online

- website owners or managers

- marketplace Sellers

- any product or service owners selling though a paywall

Trader Membership Benefits

The eCAI brings all actors in the eCommerce industry together and offers a single voice that can represent our communal position and coordinate responses on matters of importance.

The eCAI is a community that works to develop standards and best practice across our industry.

  • Membership for the whole team
  • Instant connection to other members
  • ClickIrish Membership and Directory

Let your customers know you mean business

Members can display available eCAI membership badges on their site, marketing material and correspondences.

What should I expect?

Members enjoy instant access to each other. The eCAI is Irelands only Association with its own online Business Network. You are automatically connected with every other Trader. You can post questions and seek advice from your peers. Get recommendations you can trust from other users in the same position as yourself.

Recognition you are striving for quality. As part of a paid membership you will receive member badges and internationally recognised trust marks that market your business as legitimate and striving for standards. * trustmark given after evaluation

Free inclusion on the ClickIrish directory. Being Irish matters. The ClickIrish badge recognises your business as genuinely Irish and trade as originating from Ireland.

Membership Features. Receive regular News, advice, training, industry reports, seminars and events.

NEW - Special offers. The eCAI has brought together members to form a buying group. By working together we can get preferred pricing for eCAI members.

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Everyone can join a enjoy our Platform. Membership is for sellers and services dedicated to quality and service when selling online. The eCAI is a place for learning and sharing. A community working together for best practice in our industry.

I sell online..
website, marketplace, app

eTailer, Retailer, Online Seller

eCom Retailer
eShop Features:
  • eCAI Access Membership
  • Online Community
  • Directory Listing
  • ClickIrish Listing *
  • Event Invites
  • Discounts

eTailer, Retailer, Online Seller

most popular
eCom Retailer Pro
€ 150 /annually
Starter Features PLUS:
  • Full eCAI Membership
  • Annual eMark Accreditation
  • eMark Audit + Report
  • eMark TrustMark*
  • Clickirish Directory*
  • Brand Promotion

I am a provider of services
to eCommerce Shops

Developer, Marketer, Service/ Provider

eCom Provider
€ 450 /annually
Provider Features:
  • eMark Accreditation
  • Directory Listing
  • Client Referrals
  • Developer Forums

Developer, Marketer, Service/ Provider

eCAI Partner
€ 1800/3800
All Provider Features PLUS:
  • Speaker Positions *
  • Council Seat*
  • Video Interview
  • Promotion to Members

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Why is it important to join?

Advocacy Decisions on the future of eCommerce are being made that directly effect you. The eCAI has representation at National and EU level. We are at the forefront of bringing smaller countries together to advocate on your interests.

Strength The eCAI represents independent retailers. As eCommerce grows, so will the appetite of big business. Only by coming together can we develop our industry and have a strong voice.

Quality The eCAI is focused on standards. Irish ecommerce must be at the forefront of shoppers minds when they decide to buy online. The eCAI strives for common standards throughout its membership to offer shoppers an a quality enjoyable experience.

Trust The eCAI is yours. We represent you. We are run by you. We are wholly impartial and your trusted source of advice and recommendation.