Provider Membership

Provider Membership is for..

- any product or service servicing eCommerce Traders

- Developers, Marketeers, Designers

- Payments, Logistics, Security, Hosting

- Consultants, professionals to eCommerce

Provider Membership

The eCAI is trying to bring together the eCommerce development and Service provider industry in Ireland to help us develop standards across our industry.

eCAI providers are trusted high quality developers and service providers dedicated to making Irish eCommerce world beating.

  • 4 Seller memberships for your clients
  • Portfolio Agency MiniSite
  • Agency Directory

Let your customers know you mean business

Members can display available eCAI membership badges on their site, marketing material and correspondences.

What should I expect?

Live Business Network The eCAI is Irelands only Association with its own online Business Network. You are automatically connected with every other Provider. You can use the platform to showcase your work and get involved in the community

Quality Marks As part of a paid membership you will receive member badges and internationally recognised trust marks that market your business as legitimate and striving for standards. * given after evaluation

Member Exposure Let us put you right in front of our members. Providers who share non-commercial content will be shared direct to members. You will be invited to participate in events, content sharing, educational seminars... the more you contribute the higher exposure you get.

Membership Features Receive regular News, advice, training, industry reports, seminars and events. Membership is for the whole team not just the company. Employees can learn, contribute and make and impact on the eCAI online business network.

NEW - Special offers. Submit offers for your products or services to the Trader Buying group. Selected offers are passed directly to members by mail and on the eCAI platform.

FREE - Gift Memberships Every company is given free memberships to gift to their clients.

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Everyone can join a enjoy our Platform. Membership is for sellers and services dedicated to quality and service when selling online. The eCAI is a place for learning and sharing. A community working together for best practice in our industry.

I sell online..
website, marketplace, app

eTailer, Retailer, Online Seller

eCom Retailer
eShop Features:
  • eCAI Access Membership
  • Online Community
  • Directory Listing
  • ClickIrish Listing *
  • Event Invites
  • Discounts

eTailer, Retailer, Online Seller

most popular
eCom Retailer Pro
€ 150 /annually
Starter Features PLUS:
  • Full eCAI Membership
  • Annual eMark Accreditation
  • eMark Audit + Report
  • eMark TrustMark*
  • Clickirish Directory*
  • Brand Promotion

I am a provider of services
to eCommerce Shops

Developer, Marketer, Service/ Provider

eCom Provider
€ 450 /annually
Provider Features:
  • eMark Accreditation
  • Directory Listing
  • Client Referrals
  • Developer Forums

Developer, Marketer, Service/ Provider

eCAI Partner
€ 1800/3800
All Provider Features PLUS:
  • Speaker Positions *
  • Council Seat*
  • Video Interview
  • Promotion to Members

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Why is it important to join?

Compete Every time a shopper has a bad experience it is driving them abroad or to multinationals. Taking business away from you. Shoppers must think about buying from Irish websites first. We must provide a universal product that can compete with multinationals. The Future of Irish eCommerce.

It's your future too Many large interests now want to control eCommerce. If eCommerce is consolidated it will reduce the impact you can make in the market. We need to protect our market by working together and ensure we can compete and offer consumers a real quality independent alternative.

Standards There are too many rogue developers and providers practicing in Ireland today. Too many stories of poor practices which give good practitioners bad reputations. By joining the eCAI we only accept Providers committed to best practice and standards.

Representation The eCAI has launched Service Provider Councils and forums so you have your say in how we develop as an industry.