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Published: 1st February 2021


Do you know the difference between AR/ VR and XR?

Written by: James Spalding
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Whats the DIfference AR/ VR or XR?

Immersive Technologies

All of these technologies are very closely related because they all immerse people in the experience they are digitizing. There are infinite possible use cases for each of them, and especially within retail, there are so many ways which brands and stores can enhance their engagement and user experience.


AR or Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality basically means adding something to or enhancing something in the real world. Through the lens of a camera, either of a SmartPhone, or the camera lens of AR glasses, the computer in the device will render and add a 2D or 3D object into the real world that the user is looking at through that lens. The picture above is the most widely known use of AR in gaming, Pokemon GO.


VR or Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is slighly more immersive as an experience than AR, because a user will be experiencing a totally virtual 360 view, through the lens of a device. The devices which can be used to experience VR experiences are VR Headsets, which there are two main types, VR Headsets for SmartPhones and VR Headsets which don't require a SmartPhone.


MR/XR or Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is essentially a blend of the two previous technologies, where the device is immersing the user fully in a virtual world but also utilizing the real world which the user is in to either anchor the virtual world to or vica versa. An example of this, to make things simpler, would be the follwoing:

A user places the headset on while entering into a Football Pitch, and the device recognizes the Pitch, the goals and the white lines on the grass, then adds a stadium atmosphere around the pitch, with a crowd, flashing cameras, the substitute bench, coaches etc, and on the pitch the user can see his whole team and the oponents team and they are acting like real players. He would be able to literally run around playing a full match on an empty pitch in reality, but in his mixed reality he would be playing football with another 21 players and a virtual ball.

I hope this article clears up any questions you all might have about Immersive Technologies, and feel free to get in touch if you have any further queries.

James Spalding



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