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Bringing the conference to your desktop.

The INSIGHT SERIES is a groundbreaking video blog giving an insight into the Irish eCommerce and tech industry.

The idea is to bring the conference to your desktop.

This initiative is about knowledge sharing. Each week we interview leading figures in the eCommerce industry and get a pulse about what and who is leading the way.

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Robert Farrell interviews Colin Meagle from the Continuum Group
about the eCommerce landscape and digital transformation.

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Next Week

Chris Out explains Growth Hacking.

Chris Out from Rock Boost explains "What is Growth Hacking and how it can transform your business" to Ken Condon from the eCAI.

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Previous Videos

David Waldron on GDPR

David is CEO of Cloudstrong and a board adviser to ISME.

eCAI Chair Niall Bodkin asks him about this looming requirement.

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