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About Me

I am a solution-driven Professional who is skilled in Digital Technology, Project management and Business Development.

My professional life is torn between two passions :

"eCerge" a Personalization & Micro Analytics Consultancy business where we search the globe for the best AI products to grow your online revenue.

Our main USPs are as follows:
• Guaranteed 10% ROI in 14 days
• Live in 48 hrs
• No development cost -We lay all Div containers and design
• 2 award-winning Micro Analytical tools that deep dive into everything that is going on in your site from Abandon funnels, Merchandising insights to Social media trends.
• Drag and drop up to 9 Algorithms into one widget and also add static products.
• Drag and drop Trigger emails


"The eCommerce Association of Ireland" where we work in a Voluntary function to improve the eCommerce Industry.

Our main goals are as follows:
1. Promoting the use of E-commerce as a means of trading nationally and internationally for businesses and organisations.
2. Representing and advocating on behalf of its membership at a national and international level.
3. Creating and promoting a set of standards and developing best practice in E-commerce.
4. Providing education and learning opportunities for its members.
5. Developing a network to facilitate communication between the association, members, and interested parties.